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Our Services

Branding & Logo

Designing a logo that represents the brand’s values and personality. Developing a cohesive visual style that extends to other brand elements.

Web Design

Visually appealing and user-friendly websites, ensuring effectively communicating the desired message and engaging visitors.

Content Strategy

Content strategy involves planning and creating content that aligns with a business’s goals and target audience.

Tour Virtual 3D 360

It allows users to navigate and explore a location remotely, experiencing a realistic and immersive environment. 


Providing the infrastructure and server space necessary for a website to be accessible on the internet.

Maintenance & Updates

Involves the ongoing support and management of a website to ensure its functionality, security and performance. 


Hello! I’m Durval. I’ve Been Building Websites for 33 Years

Tour Virtual 360

Web Design

SEO & Social

Testimony of Clients

Homely Hostel

«“For several years we have been thinking about making the website of the hostel and they really surprised us with the work, incorporating virtual tours in 3D in 360, an excellent job. We recommend Brickieweb, they knew how to interpret our wishes.”»

Our website: homelyinn.com.au

Javier Godoy from Epinac SA

«The page has been constantly changing and always using the latest technology, with drone filming, 3D 360 virtual tours and much more. We are very satisfied

Our website: epinac.com

Juan Carlos Hauteville from Tecnoform SA

«Since our beginnings we have trusted Durval’s work, it is our hosting and content provider. We are very satisfied.«

Our website: tecnoform.com.ar

Ruben Filiberti from RF Propiedades

«For several years we have been thinking about a change, and we achieved it using drone filming and virtual tours in 3D in 360, an excellent job. It was a wise decision.«

Our website: rubefiliberti.com.ar

Dr Jose Linares

«“I am a Plastic Surgeon and my work requires showing in detail what I do to my patients; Maintaining the site was a task that I delegated to Brickieweb, they have been doing this work for 23 years and I am very satisfied, I recommend them

Our website: Dr Jose Linares

Iraola SRL

«We are a construction company with more than 30 years of experience in the market, we have required a modern and agile website to show our future clients, as well as show some outstanding works. We are very satisfied with the work and we recommend Brickieweb.«

Our website: Constructora Iraola SRL

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